Testimonials from clients:

Seven years ago, I found myself a new dog owner of a beautiful boxer, Tigger.  We took him home and the fun began!  After about a month we started to look around for training our new puppy.  We were lucky enough to find Patty Burns!  Within minutes she had our dog's attention, Patty is truly amazing with animals!  He attended some group classes which went very well and our little puppy was a better dog.  However, after having my son, his male aggressions and jealousy kicked in.  Patty being an excellent trainer with a true love for her clients (the dogs), was there the second I called her with our problems.  We boarded Tigger for 10 days with Patty, for training.  My Tigger came home a new dog!  Patty called me, and encouraged me to call, daily for updates and there wasn't a day I was worried about Tigger's care.  My dog is now 7 years old and the best family pet we could have ever imagined!  From time to time Patty will check in on Tigger and has let us know that she is always there for any issues that may arise in our dog.  If it wasn't for Patty and her special talent with dogs, my Tigger would probably be a pet in someone else's home!
Thank you Patty!
The LaCivita Family,
Peabody, MA

I love my dog Macho immensely, but he was quite a handful and would even bite on occasion over food or if he didn't want to be moved. Laura came to our home, and despite the fact that Macho is an older dog, she showed us how through positive training techniques, being consistent and a few little tricks, we could change his bad habits.  Now he is much better behaved and we enjoy him so much more.  We don't worry about him biting anyone.

Lori Lampert,
Rowley, MA