We offer in home training with group classes offered in the Spring, Summer and Fall.

Our goal is to enhance your relationship with your dog through the understanding of your dog’s behavior and providing the tools to teach your dog obedience commands and to curb unacceptable behaviors.  After all 99% of dog training is training you!

The first step is to set up a consultation – during this 1 hour session we will educate you on your dogs motivation and behavior and give you some guidelines to correct bad manners.  You will then have an understanding of why your dog acts the way he does and be better equipped to handle bad behavior while encouraging good behavior.

The next step is one of our tailored training programs.  Each program focuses on your goals and the needs of your dog.  The basic obedience commands – sit, down, stay, come and heel are taught as well as continuing to address any issues, manners or concerns.  Each lesson is 1 hour in length and will be accomplished in your dogs environment, the best place to train your dog and address behavior issues.  Our lesson plans cover puppy development; basic, intermediate & advanced obedience; and behavior modification. 

We are available at any time to discuss issues as they arise – you do not need to wait for your next appointment. 

The course is set up dependent on your goals and your dogs needs – but typically each training program consists of 3 private lessons in your home after the initial consultation. 

To start your personal program now, contact Laura at 781-258-7230.

email - laura@friendlyk9.com