Aggressive Dog Training

Aggressive Dog Training

Program length to be determined by specialist.

Customized Course to most effectively work with your dog’s specific ANXIETY and/or AGGRESSION issues.

  • The Five Foundation Commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Place
  • Muzzle Training IF NEEDED
  • Restraint Techniques
  • Aggression
  • Basic Obedience

Fear aggression, human aggression, dog aggression, anxiety, OCD, veterinary incompliance and MUCH more. We cover everything from muzzle conditioning and proper restraints to confidence building and socialization. Your dog will receive constant behavior training along with basic obedience skills during their stay with us. We use balanced dog training techniques to accomplish clear and reliable results. Duration and price will vary based on the case per dog. We are the professionals in this area, do not waste your money with 1;1 sessions with an aggressive, high anxiety dog. The truth is they need to be taken out of the environment to be properly rehabilitated. Many schools have tried to achieve what we can, but it can not be duplicated

This is a very serious topic that many dog owners can not admit and turn a blind eye. Call us now for special rates 289-272-8210

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Aggressive Dog Training Ontario | K9 dog training

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