Group Classes

We are now offering group classes.  Each group class will have either 6 puppies or 6 obedience dogs in them (we never combine the classes) to ensure that your dog gets the best possible training from our world class dog trainers. 

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT offer group classes and private classes with dogs who are AGGRESSIVE towards humans and other dogs or have ANXIETY.

Puppy Classes

  • Only 6 puppies per class
  • Puppy introduction Commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Come
  • Introduction to crate and toilet training
  • Socialization and environmental stimulation
  • Introduction to advanced behaviours/commands (leash manners, heel, long line recall)
  • Most important, showing YOU the family how to incorporate these things at home to set you up for success! 

Limited Spots Available!!!

Obedience Classes

  • Only 6 dogs per class
  • The Five Foundation Commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Place
  • Socialization
  • Introduction to advanced behaviours/commands (leash manners, heel, recall)*
  • Teaching YOU the family how to gain respect, focus and a better understanding of your dog!

Limited Spots Available!!!

Group Class Schedule

EVERY Wednesday – 7pm class and 8pm class

EVERY Thursday – 7pm class and 8pm class

EVERY Saturday – 1pm class and 2pm class 

By appointment ONLY – Strictly NO walk in clients 


What your dog will get during each group class

Proper Socialization

Learn how to properly socialize your dog with other dogs and people. Your dog will learn polite greetings with guests at home and strangers. You will also learn the best way to socialize your dog around other dogs. At the end of the program, there will be a class field trip to a nearby park to test your dogs obedience and to practice socialization skills in real-life situations.


We will help you teach your dog proper manners and manage problematic behaviours like jumping and nipping. We will also teach you food bowl safety techniques to help minimize the risk of your dog developing resource guarding. Lastly, we will discuss nail clipping and proper handling/touching techniques

Relationship Building

Obedience training is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your dog as you will create a stronger bond!

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